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Our goal is to do well and do good. Loyal customers make it possible by using our print services. For every shirt we print, a percentage of the revenues go to our Shirts For Good program. Thank you.

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To empower youth participation in the community and create sustainable change.

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Steven Jackson of The Advocacy Institute shared with Shirtcitizens the story behind his vision:

“I decided to create the organization because there needs to be a way for Philadelphia youth to become empowered in a politically relevant and community based way, The combination of these two themes make the experience so significant to me and impactful for the youth involved because it’s knowledge and skill building youth need to understand the strategy for change, and social support to be confident to stand up and take action. The youth grow individually into their own unique leadership style as the program progresses, but for me it’s seeing their growth of a community of youth advocates who are becoming friends that’s most satisfying. Therefore, the goal is to create a young advocate who sees the connection between bettering their community and bettering themselves”

Steven Founder

Dare to make a difference

How Advocacy Institute is using their Shirts For Good Grant

The Shirts 4 Good grant will be worn by youth participants for their 12-week closing graduation exercise.

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